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Our high quality products are designed to provide safety, durability over the years and have the lowest possible environmental impact and sustainable climate solutions.View Services

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The beauty of mortar is that it can be designed and built as acustom color offering endless options to complement mostarchitectural visions.View Services

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The nature of the chromatic facade and how color affects our perception of the building and its impact on the context.View Services

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Waterproofing your bathroom in 10 steps

Sealing Solutions (SAM) is a revolutionary new system for waterproofing your bathroom and shower area. This self-adhesive system offers easy…Read More

How to apply adhesive

A clean, precise tile installation is easier than you might think. With planning, preparation, and our step-by-step advice, you can…Read More

Thermal insulation

The history of thermal insulation Organic materials were the first available to build a shelter for people to protect themselves…Read More

Repair and strengthening of buildings

The history of thermal insulation Organic materialsRead More

DIY advice

Tools and equipment you need to undertake a tiling project Tiles Pliers and standard screwdriver Tile adhesive Straightedge / level…Read More