Chemical Solution for Construction Industry

DC Industries is a worldwide corporation which has invested in the development of construction and research globally,
evidence of these are the unstoppable indicators of global growth of DC Industries.

Our mission is to fulfill your projects by providing cutting-edge goods of exceptional quality and reasonable prices.

We aim to establish ourselves as one of the world’s top suppliers of high-performance specialty construction materials. We have always believed that quality, economic success, and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. We are convinced that together, they are the key to growth for industrial operations.
Our organization is known for its ideals. These principles define who we are as a people and define our character. Respect, independence, communication, responsibility, initiative, and confidence are the principles upheld by DC INDUSTRIES, which fosters a supportive work atmosphere. We always respect our partners, colleagues, suppliers, and clients and operate with an open, honest, and transparent mindset. Together, these ideas create an atmosphere at work where employees feel encouraged and inspired to cross boundaries.

DC INDUSTRIES si dedica alla tolleranza, all’uguaglianza e alla diversità. Una delle nostre risorse e una chiave per mantenere le nostre prestazioni è la varietà del nostro personale e le loro competenze.

Non tolleriamo discriminazioni, dirette o indirette, basate su razza, etnia, origine nazionale, opinioni religiose o filosofiche, handicap, età, orientamento sessuale o genere.

Il quadro giuridico e le condizioni di lavoro per i suoi lavoratori sono priorità per DC INDUSTRIES.

Sustainability means Progress

Man must safeguard the environment and, by extension, himself if he is to survive and live a healthy life. The opposite would be absurd. Future cities built with consideration for people and the environment at the forefront of their design and construction are the most intriguing instances of green architecture. These places are referred to as “ecovillages.” There will soon be new variations of community-based social ecology. Sustainability is a social problem since it affects people’s quality of life. Since its founding, DC INDUSTRIES has created its corporate policies with several key objectives. We can improve more quickly than any other firm because of the employment of ECO additives, legal compliance (using at least 35% of self-produced power; see the USA), LEED certification, and the development of a standardized internal structure.


DC Industries is a system solution provider of high-performance specialty building materials

To guarantee success for all parties and profitable development, we firmly pledge to use only the best business methods in close collaboration with our partners. We will be the premium provider in each category we choose. We strive for market leadership in defined markets worldwide.

Excellence in all we do is DC Industries' guiding concept.

DC Industries thinks that all workers and partners should conduct themselves in a fair, open, and consistent with ethical standards. Our company is built on the backs of our employees. DCI is the system solution supplier for high-performance specialty construction materials. Goals for sustainable, long-term growth support our diverse operations. To guarantee success for all parties and profitable development, we firmly pledge to use only the best business methods in close collaboration with our partners.

Community Supporter

Our Code of Ethics is our identity document. Our management systems support the foundational stones of our corporate culture – quality, environment, safety, sustainability, and social responsibility. DC Industries proudly contributes financial and product donations to help non-profit organizations run their operations and advance their missions in the local community. Our team members often contribute their skills and talents to unique initiatives that significantly improve the lives of those in need, such as the construction and renovation of sturdy, safe, and livable houses.

Sustainability and Integration

We at DC Industries have a dual focus in our business decisions: what is suitable for the company and what contributes to the greater good of the communities within which we live and work.

Sustainability is at the heart of how DC Industries does business. We believe passionately in doing things the right way to achieve our success. We are committed to continually improving our sustainability performance and finding better ways to deliver our products and solutions while conserving natural resources.

DC Industries' activities are supported by its four pledges, which take an integrated approach to sustainability.
Innovate to foster sustainable development

Act for and with our workers

Reduce the environmental impact throughout the lifespan of our goods

Anchor our plants in neighborhood communities

A responsibility to the environment

We have long been aware that we have a responsibility to the environment, and we must do all that we can as a business to protect it.

Our comprehensive approach to reducing our environmental impact means looking at all aspects of our business and continually assessing, monitoring, and improving our environmental performance. Some of our environmental initiatives include:

  • Using 100% recycled tires in our rubber crumb adhesives assists in dramatically reducing one of the world’s most significant waste disposal problems
  • Assessing alternative local raw materials to help minimize shipping
  • Treating 100% of wastewater in our facilities on site
  • Educating customers and the public as to the safe disposal of products and packaging

As part of the World Packaging Covenant, we are also committed to using sustainable, recoverable, and recyclable packaging and engaging supply chain partners with the same commitment to a better environment.

We at DC Industries strive to achieve a clean and healthy environment by conducting operations and manufacturing products that do not harm the environment. This encompasses all products marketed by DC Industries. We aim to continue improving corporate policies, programs, and environmental performance, considering technical developments, scientific understanding, and consumer and community expectations with legal regulations as a starting point.

To assist us in achieving the highest standards in environmental performance, we conduct our business following our environmental management system based on ISO 14001 and the DC Industries Environmental Policy.


At DC Industries academy, we promote installation workshops and refresher courses worldwide to help construction professionals master application techniques for our products.

Cost-effective policy

As a longstanding partner in the trade, we know the practical requirements firsthand. Our most valuable source of ideas comes from our materials and techniques knowledge and ongoing communication with skilled trades clients. We use this information to create product solutions that are well regarded in the market since they cater to the requirements of industry experts. Thanks to their low learning curve and extensive scope of coverage, our systems are perfectly paired and very economical.