Who we are

DC Industries is an investment group with the headquarter in USA. DC Industries has investing in several countries such as in Europe, Africa and USA.

Headquartered in New Jersey  USA, we are active in many countries and employ around 1500 skilled people who are focused about delivering the high-performance products, services and a big support to our customers expect.

With the integration of DC Industries, we can leverage on global experience and local insights to open up big opportunities for a new business collaboration

DC Industries continue to grow by building on the knowledge and relationships from both within and outside the company. Technology and innovation have always been the main focus. We continually test and improve our existing products, while researching and developing new products to meet our customer needs.

DC Industries is a partner for all those who work in the construction sector. From the ongoing exchange of experience and ideas with our customers and building suppliers, DC Industries considers their feedback in guiding its innovations and widening its product lines.

We’re looking for the world’s newest and most revolutionary ideas to help us develop solutions to surprise and satisfy our customers all around the world.

Bulding a future together

The ability to offer the best and most innovative solutions to design and construct according to eco-sustainable principles is a fundamental commitment for DC Industries. This requires a sense of responsibility and the ability to make concrete choices in order to supply designers, contractors, workers and clients with products which are safe, reliable and durable over the years and which have the lowest impact possible on the environment. It is a path that puts an emphasis on safeguarding the environment and our health. It unites quality architecture and research and development and hinges around the value of the experience matured by operating on the most important construction sites around the world. In fact, we contribute to a the creation of quality, durable buildings through products formulated with innovative, recycled, ultra-light raw materials developed to reduce energy consumption and to have very low emission of volatile organic compounds.Cost-effective system solutions for the trade

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become one of the world’s leading solution providers of highperformance specialty building materials.

Make DC Industries your single point of contact for all your flooring, tiling and waterproofing needs.

Our warranty

We run strict quality control tests through each stage of the manufacturing process. All finished goods are fully tested before they are approved to leave our dispatch warehouse. This ensures that you are getting the best quality product every single time.
We know that the DC Industries range of primers, waterproofing membranes, adhesives, grouts and sealants will satisfy or surpass our customers’ needs for quality, safety and performance.


DC Industries is a system solution provider of high-performance specialty building materials.  In close cooperation with our...


Community Supporter

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Sustainability and Integration

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Responsibility to the environment

We have long been aware that we have a responsibility to the environment and we must do all that we can as a business to protect it.



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Cost effective policy

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