Beto Accelerator

Chloride-free hardening accelerator for concrete and mortar

Product Description

Beto Accelerator is a liquid admixture made from high-efficient, chloride-free hardening accelerators developed in MAPEI research laboratories. Beto Accelerator is a solution of inorganic salts dissolved in water with the capability to accelerate the hydration process of cement, thereby reducing the setting time and increasing the strength of the mix after short curing cycles. The accelerating effect of Beto Accelerator is generally greater when the temperature of concrete or the surrounding temperature is lower than +10°C during the pouring phase.

Field of Application

• high mechanical strength after short curing cycles;

• shorter steam curing cycles;

• pouring of concrete when the surrounding temperature is lower than +10°C;

• optimisation of production cycles;

• reduction of form stripping times;

• mixing of reinforced concrete;

• the use of flying formwork.

Product Details

Product identity

Composition: Inorganic Salt
Appearance: Liquid
Color: Transparent yellow
Density: 1.30 kg/Lt at +20°C
Alkali content (equivalent Na₂O) according to EN 480-12 (%): ≤ 2%
Total chloride ion content: ≤ 0.10 %
pH-Value: approx. 9


Beto Accelerator is supplied in:
– 1 kg plastic can
– 5 kg plastic can
– 10 kg plastic can
– 1000 kg plastic can

Application Procedure

Beto Accelerator is either added simultaneously with the water. Beto Accelerator may be combined with many other products and is compatible with all types of cements and cementitious materials.