Beto EX 55

Expansive admixture for shrinkage-compensating grouting injection

Product Description

Beto EX 55 is a powdered expanding admixture to be added to cement for preparing shrinkage-compensating, super- fluid, pumpable slurries for injection.

Field of Application

• grouts for filling the casings of post-tensioning cables in pre-stressed concrete;

• mortars for anchoring reinforcing rods, tension rods or studs in concrete or rock;

• slurries for filling cavities and cracks in rock or damaged concrete.

Product Details

Product identity

Appearance: Powder
Color: Grey
Density: 2.5 kg/Lt at +20°C
Equivalent sodium oxide: ≤ 0.5%
Total chloride ion content: ≤ 0.10 %


Beto EX 55 is supplied in:
– is available in 25 kg plastic bags.

Application Procedure

Beto EX 55 is a powder admixture with plasticizing and expanding action to be mixed with cement and water for preparing injection slurries with high fluidity and extended workability. The expanding action of Beto EX 55 completely eliminates hydraulic shrinkage and promotes expansion both in the plastic state and during hardening. In addition, Beto EX 55 reduces bleeding to a minimum.