Betofluid PZ50

Super-plasticiser with pozzolanic action for concrete

Product Description

Betofluid PZ50 is a colored powder consisting of spherical, submicron particles of amorphous silica. Their extremely small size less than 0.1 µm allows the granules of Betofluid PZ50 to fill the gaps between the larger cement granules (0.1-100 µm). The result is a considerably denser, more compact cementitious matrix for concrete that is cohesive and plastic when fresh, and impermeable and durable when hardened.

Field of Application

· For high quality concrete with the ability to resist the most severe conditions

· For concrete with special rheological properties that guarantee high thixotropy during application.

· For new constructions: viaducts, bridges, floors, garages, roads, motorways and airports

· For new constructions exposed to de-icing salts in winter

· For marine constructions and motorways that have decayed due to aggressive sulphates and chlorides

· For underwater poured

· For ultra-high quality shotcrete for tunnel walls.

Product Details

Product identity

Appearance: Powder
Color: Dark grey
Density: 0.7 kg/Lt at +20°C
Equivalent sodium oxide: ≤ 0.5%
Total Chloride Ion Content: Free


Betofluid PZ50 is supplied in:
– 25 kg plastic bag

Application Procedure

Add Betofluid PZ50 into the cement mixer together with the other components of the concrete at a rate of 20 to 40 kg/m³, depending on the type of concrete required. To achieve the maximum performance from the product, we recommend mixing the concrete for at least 5 minutes so that the granules of Betofluid PZ50 are as well dispersed throughout the mix as possible. If the amount of Betofluid PZ50 and cement/water ratio employed do not achieve the plasticity required, the workability of the concrete may be further improved by adding super-plasticisers without adding more water.