Product Description

Betoform U is oil based ready to use form release agent which provides complete release of concrete or grout from metal or wooden formwork. It does not stain, extends the life of the formwork and provides a good quality aesthetic concrete finish.

Field of Application

▪ Form release agent for steel, Aluminum or wooden formwork

▪ Providing a good quality aesthetic concrete finish

▪ Extending the life of formwork

Product Details

Product identity

Composition: Oil
Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Yellow
Density: 0.85 kg/Lt at +20°C


Betoform U is supplied in:
– 1 kg plastic can
– 5 kg plastic can
– 10 kg plastic can
– 1000 kg plastic can


- Wooden formwork ~20–30 m2/L
- Metal or plastic formwork ~40–50 m2/L
Consumption depends on the absorbency, surface porosity, roughness, surface profile, variations in level or wastage etc.

Application Procedure

Surface preparation

All surfaces to be coated must be clean and free from dirt, dust, grease and any remaining concrete or grout residue. Steel formwork must be dry. Used formwork must be cleaned before.


Ensure full mixing before applying. Apply a single, uniform and continuous thin layer on the full area of dry or damp formwork using a brush, roller or spray equipment. For architectural aesthetic concrete finishes, consumption may need to be adjusted. A preliminary trial must be carried out before full application in all situations.