Betolight 500

Foaming agent for low-emission lightweight porous concrete

Product Description

Betolight 500 is a universally utilisable foaming agent for the production of lightweight porous concrete for use in recreational rooms.

Field of Application

▪ Preferably with raw density of 0.5 - 1.5 kg/dm³

▪ As thermal insulation

▪ As a compensation / insulation layer in structural construction and civil engineering

▪ As a light, flowable filling mix e.g. for excavations, old sewers, formwork blocks, etc.

▪ For utilisation in recreational rooms

Product Details

Product identity

Composition: Organic surfactant
Appearance: `Liquid
Colour: Light yellow
Density: 1.05 kg/Lt at +20°C
Equivalent sodium oxide: ≤ 0.5%
Total chloride ion content: ≤ 0.10 %
pH-Value: approx. 6


Betolight 500 is supplied in:
– 1 kg plastic can
– 5 kg plastic can
– 10 kg plastic can
– 1000 kg plastic can

Application Procedure

Betolight 500 is either added simultaneously with the water of the concrete mix or as the last addition and should be at least 60 seconds.