Product Description

Concentrated pigments used for the pigmentation of PVA-VEOVA based paints

Product Details

Product identity

Basis: Water pigment dispersion
Form: Liquid
Color: Grey, Green, Yellow, Okra, Orange, etc...
Density EN ISO 2811-1: 1,55±0,02 gr/m
Dilution ratio: Ready for use
Viscosity: 25 ± 5 KU
Reaction time: 10 – 20 minutes
VOC in the ready product (European Directive 2004/42/EC) (g/l): ≤ 50
VOC ambient emissions Simulation chamber ISO 16000 (mg/m3): ≤ 10


0.180 lt, 0.375 lt, 0.750 lt

Application Procedure

First, mix the product in its original package, than it is used in its condition or is dosed in paint for its coloring