Product Description

DC COLORCEM is a range of powdered colorants made from synthetic metal oxides. Thanks to their extremely fine texture they have a high coloring capacity.

Field of Application

Coloring concrete and mortar for the following applications:

• Smooth, brushed and exposed aggregate architectural concrete

• Drainable concrete

• Prefabricated panels and members

• Internal and external walls

• Street furniture and urban features, etc.

Product Details

Product identity

Consistency: powder
Standard colors: brown, black, red, green and yellow
Ion content (%): ≤ 0.1
Classification according to EN 12878 standards: B


DC COLORCEM is available in 5 kg plastic bag.

Application Procedure

The amount of pigment to add is calculated according to the weight of binder in the mix: from 3 to 6% for grey binders and from 1 to 4% for white binders. If more than the recommended amount is added the color will be stronger and deeper. However, once saturation point is reached, which is normally between 5% and 6%, adding more pigment will have no appreciable effect. Using white cement will allow brighter colors to be obtained then with grey cement. Low water/cement ratios allow stronger colors to be obtained with the same amount of pigment. To avoid obtaining variations in color between different mix batches, we recommend using aggregates with the same characteristics and to use the same amount of mixing water. The pigments are made up of particles with a specific surface area 10 times greater than that of cement, so it is extremely important that they are dispersed uniformly and perfectly throughout the mix. If the pigments are concentrated in certain areas, stains could form and the concrete may not be colored correctly. For this reason we recommend mixing the pigments dry with the aggregates before adding the cement and water. Always carry out preliminary tests to check the mix and to verify the color of the concrete.