DC F125

Alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh for reinforcing finetextured skim coats

Product Description

Fiberglass networks for strengthening the façades are repaired or they are applied with a thermal insulation system.

Field of Application

The reinforcement mesh of is placed in the lacquering layer or adhesive by lining it in the side columns of 10 cm with Mate and fully spliced. The hunting net should be placed in the vicinity of the overlap covering it completely. The reinforcing netting should overlap 10 cm. For this purpose, the red stripes on the side as that of restriction and overlapping. Lightening characteristics (window, door) should be applied diagonal reinforcement with the mesh (min. 20 x 40 cm). This should be placed before the extension of the amplifiers at the top. If the DC F125armature is cut, for example. In the skeleton patch area, an additional layer of mesh in the cutting area should be extended.

Product Details

Product identity

Color: Grey
Width: 1m
Length: 50m
Opening width 5 x 5 mm
Resistance in loads: 1200 N / 50 mm
Weight: 125 gr/m2


DC F125is supplied in:
– 1m x 50 mL roller


The consumption of DC F125is 1.1mL/m2.

Application Procedure

DC F125must be completely embedded in the skim coat as follows:
· apply a layer of skimming compound with a notched trowel according to the thickness permitted by the trowel;
· while the skim coat is still wet, lay the DC F125on the surface and press it gently with the trowel so that it is embedded in the skim coat;
· after waiting for the skim coat to dry, apply a second layer of skimming compound.