Product Description

DCI SYNTHETHIC W is a two-component, solvent-free polyurethane adhesive specifically developed for the installation of synthetic turf sports surfaces, in particular for those activities requiring substrates with high elastic-mechanical performances. DCI SYNTHETHIC W is a solvent-free polyurethane adhesive, two components: part A, a thick paste and part B, hardener with fluid liquid consistency. DCI SYNTHETHIC W can be applied on damp surfaces, but any residue of standing water which could compromise the complete bonding of the system has to be removed. DCI SYNTHETHIC W is suitable for the installation of systems with homologations such as FIFA.

Field of Application

· Indoor and outdoor installation of synthetic turf through bonding of seaming tapes.

· Installation of artificial turf for sports purposes.

· Installation of SF Rubbergum through bonding to the substrate.

Product Details

Product identity

Component A: thick paste
Component B: liquid
Component A: green
Component B: beige
Density (Kg/Lt):
Component A: 1.8
Component B: 1.1
Dry solids content (%):
Component A: 100
Component B: 100
Brookfield viscosity (mPa·s):
Component A: 800,000 (# F - 5 rpm)
Component B: 50,000 (# F - 5 rpm)
Component A: EN 12004 and EN 12002


DCI SYNTHETHIC W is supplied in 5 and 15Kg plastic bucket.


When bonding synthetic grass, the consumption rate of DCI SYNTHETHIC W depends on the type of seaming tape and the application method used:
· approx. 0.4 - 0.5 kg per linear metre of 40 cm wide seaming tape.
· approx. 0.3 - 0.4 kg per linear metre of 30 cm wide seaming tape.
If is used for bonding sports surfaces created with high-performance prefabricated rubber mats consumption per m² can vary consistently according to the type of substrate, ranging from a minimum of 1 kg to 2 kg per m².

Application Procedure

Preparation of the support

The substrate on which the artificial turf is to be applied must be prepared according to to current regulations and standards and according to the type of sports activity foreseen. The substrate of the playing surface, as well as the artificial turf system must comply with technical specifications required by the respective Federations, if present, such as FIFA, etc.

Preparing the product

DCI SYNTHETHIC W is supplied in two components which are supplied in pre-dosed buckets:
· Component A: 8 parts by weight;
· Component B: 2 parts by weight.
The ratio between the two components is compulsory, and any modification may cause the product to harden incorrectly. Pour the catalyst (part B) into the container with part A and mix well until a smooth paste is obtained. We recommend using a low-speed electric mixer to guarantee perfect bonding, and to avoid overheating of the mix which would reduce working times. Use the mix within 45 minutes of its preparation.

Applying the product

Make sure surfaces to be bonded are clean, sound and free from standing water, oil, grease or any inconsistency that could affect adhesion. The adhesive can be applied in presence of humidity, nonetheless any trace of standing water must be removed beforehand. Apply DCI SYNTHETHIC W on the seaming tapes using a notched trowel or with a suitable continuous and controlled spreading system. Make sure to distribute the adhesive evenly on the whole width of the tapes. If DCI SYNTHETHIC W is used for installation of bonded sports surfaces such as high-performance prefabricated rubber mats, it is recommended to follow the directions from the material’s supplier about the type of system to be applied and the planned surface to be bonded. Open time of DCI SYNTHETHIC W in normal conditions (+23°C and 50% R.H.) is of approx. 40-45 minutes from the complete mixing of the two components. Setting and open time are heavily influenced by the surrounding temperature at the moment of application.

Installing the turf

For a correct installation of the artificial turf always follow the exact supplier’s directions for the laying procedure. The artificial turf rolls must be laid on the seaming tape covered with fresh DCI SYNTHETHIC W within 40-45 minutes from mixing (at +23°C and 50% R.H.). It is advisable to apply a mechanic pressure after laying, for example by passing a roller on the bonded surface to ensure complete contact between the turf backing and the adhesive and at the same time level off any irregularities that could compromise the flatness of the surface.

Ready for use

Sports surfaces installed using DCI SYNTHETHIC W can be set to light foot traffic after approx. 12-24 hours. Final performances are reached after approx. 7 days at +23% and 50% R.H..