Epo Grout 3C Plus

Three-component free-flowing high-strength rapid hardening epoxy grout applied in layers up to 10 cm thick for anchoring and grouting structures

Product Description

Epo Grout 3C Plus is a three-component product based on epoxy resin, selected well-graded aggregates and special admixtures. After mixing component A with hardener component B and filler component C, a fluid mixture which is easily poured and applied in layers up to 5 cm is obtained. After preparation, Epo Grout 3C Plus hardens in approximately 8 hours by chemical reaction without shrinking, and is transformed into a compound with exceptional bonding strength and chemical and mechanical resistance characteristics. After hardening is durable and may be used for both internal and external applications. Epo Grout 3C Plus may be applied in a temperature range between +10°C and +35°C. Epo Grout 3C Plus complies to principles defined in EN 1504-9 “Products and systems for protecting and repairing concrete structures: definitions, requirements, quality control and conformity assessment.

Field of Application

• Repair and structural reinforcement of beams and columns by casting into formworks.

• Rebuilding and renovation of crumbled joints in industrial floors.

• Repairing bridge-crane runways.

• Repair of joints between concrete slabs in deteriorated industrial floors (butt joints).

• Filling of large holes in concrete floors and slabs.

• Foundations for presses and general heavy machinery.

• Evening-out of the surfaces of support elements for the bearing of bridge beams.

• Structural fixing of tie-rod fasteners and bolts in existing concrete structures, stone, rock and steel subject to vibration and chemical attack.

Product Details

Product identity

component A: Liquid
component B: Liquid
component C: Powder
component A: White
component B: Transparent
component C: Grey
Density (Kg/Lt):
component A: 1.05
component B: 1.05
component C: -
Dry solids content (%):
component A: 60
component B: 100
component C: 100
Brookfield viscosity (mPa•s):
component A: 800 (# F - 5 rpm)
component B: 650 (# F - 5 rpm)
component C: -


Epo Grout 3C Plus is supplied in:
Packages of 13 kg:
component A = kg 2;
component B = kg 1;
component C = kg 10.
Packages of kg 31:
component A = kg 4;
component B = kg 2;
component C = kg 25.


Approximately 2 kg/m² per mm of thickness.

Application Procedure

Preparation of the support

Before the application, the substrate must be perfectly clean, solid and strong. All loose and crumbling parts, dust, cement laitance and traces of form-release oils and paint must be eliminated by careful sandblasting or brushing. When applying the product to metal, remove any rust and grease residues beforehand, preferably by means of sandblasting to white metal.

Preparing the product

The three components have to be mixed together. Pour component B into component A, making sure that the container with the catalyst component B is completely emptied, and mix them together with a drill fitted with a low-speed mixer until a completely homogeneous paste is formed. At this point, pour in the selected aggregates component C with a continuous, regular flow, and mix together for 4 or 5 minutes until a uniformly wet paste with a homogenous color is obtained. The packages are already pre-dosed. Therefore, avoid using only partial quantities of the packages to avoid accidental errors in the mix ratio, which would lead to a lack or only partial setting.

Applying the product

Epo Grout 3C Plus must be applied by pouring and, where necessary, into sealed formworks.. The air temperature influences the setting time of the product; at +23°C, may be worked for approximately 60 minutes. Epo Grout 3C Plus must be applied within the indicated pot life. Therefore, make sure that the work is organized and programmed so that all the operations are completed within the time indicated above.