Epofloor 03

Three-component high-strength epoxy and cement-based mortar with high resistance to chemicals for coating industrial floors in layers from 6 to 9 mm thick.

Product Description

Epofloor 03 is a formula made from cement, selected aggregates and epoxy resin. Epofloor 03 complies with standards applied in the foodstuffs sector: EN 1186, EN 13130 and pr CEN/TS 14234, as well as the Decree of Consumer Goods that represents the conversion of European directives 89/109/EEC, 90/128/EEC and 2002/72/EC regarding contact with foodstuffs. Epofloor 03 is used to create seamless coatings from 6 to 9 mm thick characterized by high resistance to chemicals such as acids, basic solutions, grease, saline solutions, hydrocarbons, etc. A 9 mm thick coat of Epofloor 03 has excellent resistance to thermal shocks of up to +120°C, such as when steam cleaning is carried out. The in-service temperature for a 9 mm thick coating of Epofloor 03 varies from -40°C to +120°C in dry environments and up to +100°C in wet environments. Thanks to its high mechanical strength and resistance to abrasion, Epofloor 03 is suitable for floors subjected to heavy traffic. Coatings made from Epofloor 03 are easy to clean and have a rough, non-slip finish.

Field of Application

· Coating floors in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

· Coating floors in the foodstuffs industry.

· Coating floors in the dairy products industry.

· Coating floors in wineries, breweries and beverage industry in general.

Product Details


Component A: RAL colour
Component B: straw yellow
Component C: powder
Component A: liquid
Component B: liquid
Component C: grey
Density (g/cm³):
Component A: 1.05
Component B: 1.05
Component C: 1.4
Viscosity at +23°C (mPa s):
Component A: 5500
Component B: 300


Epofloor 03 is supplied in:
– 2.5 kg buckets Comp. A
– 2.5 kg buckets Comp. B
– 20 kg buckebagts Comp. C


The consumption is approximately 1.5-2 kg/m2 at 1 mm thickness.

Application Procedure

Preparation of the substrate

The surface of concrete floors must be dry, clean and sound and have no crumbling or detached areas. The compressive strength of the concrete used for the substrate must be at least 25 N/mm² and its tensile strength must be at least 1.5 N/mm². The strength of the substrate must also be suitable for its final use and the types of load to which it will undergo. The level of moisture in the substrate must be a maximum of 4% and there must be no capillary rising damp. The surface of the floor to be treated must be prepared with a suitable mechanical process to remove all traces of dirt, cement laitance and crumbling or detached portions, and to make the surface slightly rough and absorbent. Before applying the product remove all dust from the surface with a vacuum cleaner. Any cracks must be repaired by filling them with Epoinject, while any deteriorated areas in the concrete must be repaired epoxy mortar. Apply primer as is or mixed with Quartz 0.5 on the substrate after it has been prepared as specified with a straight trowel or a rake. Immediately after applying primer, lightly broadcast the surface while still wet with Quartz 0.5 at a rate of 0.5 kg/m²; we advise against exceeding this consumption rate. Make sure there are no open pores in the surface of the substrate, otherwise air bubbles could escape and form small craters or pinholes in the self-leveling finishing coat.

Preparing the product

Pour component A into a large, clean container and, after mixing it, add component B and mix again with an electric mixer at low speed until it is completely blended. Then add Epofloor 03 powder coloring agent slowly and gradually and then slowly and gradually add all the content of component C and continue mixing until an even colored mix is obtained. We recommend a specific low speed mortar mixer for this operation, such as a vertical mixer or a mixer with static blades and a rotating mixing drum. Apply the mix within the pot life. Higher surrounding temperatures will reduce the pot life of the mix, while lower temperatures will increase its pot life

Applying the product

Pour Epofloor 03 on the surface of the floor and spread it out evenly with a smooth or notched trowel with “V” shaped. Using a notched trowel allows the thickness of the layer and the consumption rate of the product to be controlled more easily. Go over the surface with a spike roller several times while the product is still wet to even out the thickness of the coat and to remove any air entrained into the product during mixing.