Fiber Tech

Polypropylene fibres, 6mm and 12 mm long, for concrete

Product Description

Fiber Tech are synthetic fibers in polypropylene for fiber-reinforced concrete with controlled shrinkage that are fireresistant to reduce the explosion risk of concrete and in case of fire the phenomenon of spalling.

Field of Application

• Prevent shrinkage in ready-mix concrete and precast concrete.

• Fire-resistant concrete structures.

• Precast concrete segments for final lining of tunnels, etc.

Product Details

Product identity

Color: white
Appearance: fiber with circular cross section
Length (EN 14889-2) (mm): 6 and 12
Specific Density (g/cm³): 0.91
Equivalent diameter (EN 14889-2) (μm): 8 18


Fiber Tech is supplied in:
– 1 kg plastic bag

Application Procedure

Fiber Tech is either added simultaneously with the water. Fiber Tech may be combined with many other products and is compatible with all types of cements and cementitious materials.