Product Description

Flatex S 03 is a grey powder composed of special cements, selectively graded silica sands, synthetic resins and blended admixtures. Flatex S 03 mixed with water forms a thixotropic paste that is easy to spread on floors or walls. It can be applied in thicknesses up to 5 mm per coat. When hardened it has good resistance to compression, flexion, and abrasion. For greater thicknesses, add 30% clean, suitably graded sand. To improve the mechanical characteristics of Flatex S 03 for more critical applications we recommend partially replacing the mixing water by adding 1.5-2 kg of Latex or Admix S2 for 25 kg bag of product.

Field of Application

· Smoothing poured concrete floors and cement screeds.

· Smoothing existing bush-hammered concrete and terrazzo floors.

· Smoothing walls of concrete, cement renders, foamed concrete, ceramic tiles and existing renders.

Product Details

Product identity

Consistency: fine powder
Color: grey
Bulk density (kg/m³): 1,300
Dry solids content (%): 100
Standard: EN 13813


Flatex S 03 is supplied in:
– 25 kg paper bags


The consumption is approximately 1.5kg/m2 at 1 mm thickness.

Application Procedure

Preparation of the substrate

Substrates must be solid, free of dust, loose particles, paint, wax, oil, rust, traces of gypsum or other substances that might interfere with bonding. Insufficiently solid absorbent surfaces must be removed or, where possible, repaired. Cracks or crazing in cementitious substrates should be repaired with Epoinject. Dusty or particularly absorbent concrete surfaces must be treated with primer to prevent possible de-bonding and render the substrate uniformly absorbent. Existing floors, e.g. in ceramic tiles or natural stone, must be thoroughly cleaned and any oil or grease removed. Then apply a coat of DCI Grip Primer.

Preparing the product

Using an agitator, pour a 25-kg bag of Flatex S 03 into a receptacle containing 7-7.5 liters of water, mixing continuously at low speed until a homogeneous lump-free paste is obtained. Larger amounts can be prepared in a mortar mixer. Let the paste sit for a few minutes and then mix again briefly. The paste is then ready to apply. The mix is workable for at least 4 hours.

Applying the product

Use a metal trowel, keeping it slightly slanted to obtain the desired thickness. Additional layers can be applied when Flatex S 03 can be walked on but is still damp. Drying time can vary considerably, depending on the thickness, temperature, ventilation, humidity and the absorbency of the substrate. For best results, protect Flatex S 03 while hardening from draughts, high temperatures and direct sunlight to prevent it from drying too quickly.