Product Description

Glitter is a concentrated liquid detergent for epoxy grout. Glitter is used to remove residues, stains and marks of epoxy grout without giving off hazardous fumes. If used correctly, Glitter does not damage either the tile/mosaic surface or grouted joints.

Field of Application

• Glitter is added to epoxy and polyurethane based grout in rates of up to 6% by weight to form grouting mortar with a sparkling, metallic finish, and is particularly recommended for metallic tiles and vitreous tiles and mosaic.

• Glitter may also be added in paints and decorative plasters in rates of 1% to 3%, according to the finish and tone required, to obtain sparkling finishes on internal walls.

Product Details


Glitter is supplied in:
– 100 gr plastic bags


The consumption of GLITTER varies according to the effect and finish required.

Application Procedure

- In Combination with resin based grouts

Add Glitter, at a variable ratio depending on the aesthetic effect desired up to 6% by weight, to the packaging of the product after mixing the two components. Create a hole in the mix obtained and pour Glitter in it and cover. Mix with a trowel to properly blend the glitter. Then mix with a low-speed mixer until an even blend is obtained.

- In combination with paint and plasters

Add Glitter directly to paint or plasters in rates 1-3% according to the effect and finish required. Mix until an even blend is obtained.