Prestige Sanded

Prestige Sanded is an advanced high-performance cement grout.

Product Description

It is formulated for virtually all types of residential and commercial installations and offers good resistance on the most demanding interior or exterior applications. Prestige Sanded is a fast-setting fast setting suitable for joints 1 mm – 8 mm wide on floors, walls, or pools. Prestige Sanded is a cementitious (C) for grouting (G) improved (2), with reduced water absorption (W) and high resistance to abrasion (A), class CG2WA according to EN 13888.

Field of Application

· For interior and exterior use

· For walls or floors

· Suitable for joints from 1 to 8 mm for glass mosaics, ceramic, porcelain tiles, etc

· It is used for commercial and residential usage

· It is used for swimming pools, fountains, and other wet area applications

· Suitable for heated floors and walls

· Suitable for non-moisture sensitive stone

Product Details

Product identity

Consistency: fine powder
Color: 22 colors
Bulk density (kg/m³): 1,400
Dry solids content (%): 100
Standard: EN 13888


Prestige Sanded is supplied in:
5 kg plastic bags
2 kg plastic bags


The consumption of PRESTIGE SANDED varies according to the size of the joints and the size and thickness of the tiles.

Application Procedure

Preparing the substrate

Before starting to grout application, remove spacers and debris in grout joints and dust and dirt using a wet sponge. Do not leave water standing in joints.

Preparing the product

While stirring, pour Prestige Sanded into a clean, rust-free container containing 28-30% by weight of water. Mix the grout with a low-speed electric mixer to avoid air entrainment until a smooth mixture is created. Let the mixture to stand for 5 minutes, and stir again briefly before use. Use the mix within 30-45 minutes of its preparation.

Applying the product

Apply the product with a rubber spatula, directing across the joints, in order to remove the excess of the grout, hold the spatula at a 90° angle and pull it diagonally across the joints. Wait for the grout to partially dry (become opaque in about 5-10 minutes) and proceed with the final cleaning of the tile’s surface using a wet sponge and rinsing it frequently. The total cleaning can be done the next day with a dry cloth. When the grout is still soft, cleaning too early may remove some of the grout from the joints and may cause color variation. It is recommended to apply in small enough areas to grout and clean before the grout dries out too much.


If it is necessary to facilitate the removal of hardened grout, it is advisable to do the cleaning using Tile Cleaner diluted in water (1 part Tile Cleaner and 5 part water).