PVC 650

PVC 650 is a one-component, colorless sealant and adhesive made from polyvinyl acetate synthetic resin dissolved in solvent.

Product Description

PVC 650 has just the right viscosity and consistency for applying the adhesive in any position without it running. It is supplied ready-mixed and sets and hardens rapidly. The hardened film of adhesive remains as rigid as the pipes to be bonded and is resistant to temperatures of up to +60°C, with peaks of up to +90°C. PVC 650 is certified according to EN 14680 as adhesives for non-pressure thermoplastic piping systems.

Field of Application

· Bonding PVC pipes for drainage systems and piping in general with no internal pressure.

· Adhesive for bonding pipes in civil and industrial drain systems and assembling sleeves, siphons and fittings in hydraulic systems with no internal pressure.

· Bonding plastic pipes and guttering.

· May also be used for bonding corrugated pipes for electrical and plumbing systems

Product Details

Product identity

Consistency: thixotropic paste
Color: Transparent
Density (kg/m³): 800
Viscosity (mPa.s): 800,000
Dry solids content (%): 30


PVC 650 is supplied in:
– 280ml cartridge


The consumption of PVC 650 depends on the application. Typical consumption is between 100 and 120 ml/mL.

Application Procedure

Preparation of substrate

Surfaces must be perfectly dry, clean and de-greased before bonding them together. If necessary, clean surfaces with a cloth dipped in acetone to remove all traces of substances that could impede bonding. The ends of the pipes must have no burrs and the internal pipe must have a bevelled edge to help spread the adhesive in an even layer during assembly.

Preparing the product

Ready to be used.

Applying the product

Spread a thin, even layer of adhesive on both pipes to be bonded. The bonding surface between the internal and external pipe is proportional to the diameters of the pipes to be bonded: as a general guide, the internal sleeve must enter the external sleeve by between 20 mm and 120 mm. Immediately bond the two elements together by inserting one inside the other so that the adhesive is spread evenly over the entire contact surface. Immediately after assembling the two parts, remove any excess adhesive with a clean cloth or a suitable tool or utensil. The bonded component may be handled after 10 minutes and completely hardens after after 48 hours.