SF Rubbergum

4 mm thick mat made from recycled rubber granules for the sportive flooring systems

Product Description

SF Rubbergum is made from engineered rubber granules bound together with high quality polyurethane resin. Using this mat gives the sportive flooring systems a high level of comfort underfoot and good soundproofing capacity against impact noise.

Field of Application

SF Rubbergum is used for the sportive flooring system due to the elastic and flexible when creating civil floors for the service sector characterized by a high level of comfort underfoot, good soundproofing properties to combat the sound of footsteps and good reduction of noise transmission.

Product Details

Product identity

Weight (kg/m²): 3.0
Dynamic stiffness (MN/m²): 66
Tensile strength (KPa): 470
Recycled materials (%): 100
Density of rubber (kg/m³): 750
Elongation at failure (%): 41
Resistance to heat: up to +80°C
Resistance to cold: down to -30°C


SF Rubbergum is 4 mm thick and is supplied in rolls one metre wide by 20 metres long.

Application Procedure

Preparation of the support

The substrate on which the membrane is to be applied must be prepared according to to current regulations and standards and according to the type of sports activity foreseen. The substrate of the playing surface, as well as the artificial turf system must comply with technical specifications required by the respective Federations, if present, such as FIFA, etc.

Preparing the product

Open the rolls of SF Rubbergum and lay them over the surface to be covered at least one day before bonding them in place so they become acclimatised to the surrounding conditions and lose the rounded shape they acquired while rolled up.

Applying the product

SF Rubbergum must be fully-bonded to the substrate using specific polyurethane adhesive. When bonding the sheets of mat to the substrate, make sure the rolls are butted tightly against each other and there are no gaps left between them. Cut SF Rubbergum to shape around any vertical surface leaving a gap of 1 cm. Once SF Rubbergum has been laid out on the fresh adhesive in the position required. It is recommended to go over the surface with a lawn roller to make sure the mat is firmly bonded to the substrate. Once the adhesive has set, skim the surface of the SF Rubbergum mat down to a feather edge with adhesive to fill all the pores. Apply the filler with a straight trowel, making sure the joints between the rolls and the gaps between the rolls of mat and any vertical features are completely filled. When the skim coat has set, check the surface carefully to make sure there are no open pores. If there are any open pores, skim over them again with adhesive. Any localized defects such as blisters, raised areas or overlaps at the edges of the rolls, etc. must be removed with a special cutter and the gaps that are left, and any hollows or thin areas, muse be grouted and filled with adhesive.

Installing the turf

For a correct installation of the artificial turf always follow the exact supplier’s directions for the laying procedure. The artificial turf rolls must be laid on the seaming tape covered with fresh SF Rubbergum within 40-45 minutes from mixing (at +23°C and 50% R.H.). It is advisable to apply a mechanic pressure after laying, for example by passing a roller on the bonded surface to ensure complete contact between the turf backing and the adhesive and at the same time level off any irregularities that could compromise the flatness of the surface.

Ready for use

Sports surfaces installed using SF Rubbergum can be set to light foot traffic after approx. 12-24 hours. Final performances are reached after approx. 7 days at +23% and 50% R.H..