Product Description

Acrylic based grout made up of filler with selected granulometry and special additives for cracks repair on walls and ceilings. It is used for repair on indoor and outdoor spaces.

Field of Application

It is used for wall polishing on all the interior dwelling spaces where we want to create a smooth and fair surface, for cracks and damaged surface repair in indoor spaces such as rooms, kitchen, toilette surfaces, etc. It used for cracks and damaged surface repair in the outdoor surfaces, such as facades, etc

Product Details

Product Identity

Basis: Acrylic copolymer
Density EN ISO 2811- 1: 1,75±0,02 gr/ml
Dry residue EN ISO 3251: 70%
Mixing ratio: Ready for use
Colour: White
Tensile adhesion strength in concrete: ≥ 0,8 N/mm2
Consumption: 1Kg/m2
Drying time between two coatings: 2 – 4 hours
Drying time for grinding: 24 hours
Drying time for painting: 72 hours
Compressive strength: ≥ 800 N


5 Kg / 15 Kg plastic buckets

Application Procedure

Application of the product Spatorella Elastic is done with a metal notched trowel. Spread the product on the surface to be treated and bring it to the required thickness. The application thickness of a coating shall not exceed 3 mm. Apply the product in many coatings to achieve the desired surface. Clean the spatula and other working tools with water immediately after application.