Product Description

Sub-Lime is a liquid admixture, used to replace lime in lime-cement mortars, offering cement mortars all the advantages of lime and eliminating its disadvantages:
• It increases adhesion of fresh mixture to the substrate.
• It extends the mortar’s setting time.
• It improves plasticity by its air-entraining action.
• It increases cohesion of the mortar, thus preventing plaster from sagging.
• It eliminates the risk of “blistering”.
• It increases masonry wall strength.
• It significantly reduces the cost of mortar.
• It eliminates lime storage problems.
• It does not contain chlorides or other corrosive ingredients.

Field of Application

Sub-Lime is ideal for preparing masonry, paving, plastering or marble mortars, as well as strong layers in general.

Product Details

Product identity

Consistency: liquid
Color: Brown
Density (kg/m³): 1050
Viscosity (mPa.s): 350
Dry solids content (%): 40
pH of mix: 8
Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C


Sub-Lime is supplied in:
– 1 kg plastic can
– 5 kg plastic can
– 10 kg plastic can
– 1000 kg plastic can

Application Procedure

Sub-Lime is added into the mixing water of mortars. Due to its plasticizing effect, less mixing water is required.