Product Description

Synthethic Tape 3 is a spun-bonded, coated non-woven polyester fabric, specifically designed for the installation of professional synthetic sport turf. Synthethic Tape 3, when combined with polyurethane adhesives, contributes in reaching the mechanical characteristics for bonding systems required by standards such as FIFA. Thanks to its elasto-mechanical properties, Synthethic Tape 3 seaming tape is compatible for application in various environmental and working conditions, both in very cold and very hot weather, always maintaining the system’s performances unaltered. Specifically, when used in combination with polyurethane adhesives makes it possible to create next generation bonding systems complying with various Federations requirements.

Field of Application

· Interior and exterior synthetic grass installations.

· Applications of synthetic turf on professional sports surfaces.

Product Details

Product identity

Fabric type: polyester
Color: white
Thickness (mm): 1 ± 5%
Standard roll length (EN 1848-2) (m): 10
Width (EN 1848-2) (m): 0.4
Density (ASTM D 1506) (g/m ): 1.6
Tensile strength (longitudinal, ASTM D 882) (kg/cm²): 2500 ±5%
Tensile strength (transversal, ASTM D 882) (kg/cm²): 2550 ±5%
Elongation at failure (longitudinal, ASTM D 882) (%): 170±10
Elongation at failure (transversal, ASTM D 882) (%): 170±10


Synthethic Tape 3 is supplied in 10m roll with 40 cm width.

Application Procedure

Preparing the product

Ready to be installed.

Applying the product

Firstly, apply a thin layer of the adhesive product at least 1 mm thick, to the substrate and then isntall the Synthethic Tape 3. Apply the fabric side of the Synthethic Tape 3 tape over the fresh layer of the adhesive product, using a smooth trowel. It is essential that the adhesive material to be wet on both sides of the Synthethic Tape 3, also the rubber tape, for a width of several mm.