White undercoat for the restoration of damp masonry, for interiors and exteriors

Product Description

Technobase is a one-component, pre-blended, normal-hardening, coarse-grained, water-repellent skimming mortar available in grey or white, based on cementitious binders, selected graded aggregates, admixtures and synthetic powder polymers. Due to its special composition, the mortar obtained by mixing with water is easy to apply with a flat metal trowel and finished with a sponge float. Once cured it has a high bonding strength and can be applied at a maximum of 6 mm.

Field of Application

Technobase is used as a renovation undercoat for damp walls to promote the adhesion of the renovation plaster to the wall, by enhancing the anti-saline action of the latter.

Product Details

Product identity

Consistency: powder
Color: grey or white
Maximum size of aggregate (mm): 3.0
Bulk density (kg/m³): 1,300
Dry solids content (%): 100


Technobase is supplied in:
– 25 kg paper bags


The consumption is approximately 3-5 kg/m2

Application Procedure

Preparation of the substrate

Substrates must be solid, free of dust, loose particles, paint, wax, oil, rust, traces of gypsum or other substances that might interfere with bonding. Insufficiently solid absorbent surfaces must be removed or, where possible, repaired. Cracks or crazing in cementitious substrates should be repaired with Epoinject. Dusty or particularly absorbent concrete surfaces must be treated with primer to prevent possible de-bonding and render the substrate uniformly absorbent. Existing floors, e.g. in ceramic tiles or natural stone, must be thoroughly cleaned and any oil or grease removed. Then apply a coat of DCI Grip Primer.

Preparing the product

Using an agitator, pour a 25-kg bag of Technobase into a receptacle containing 6.5-7.0 liters of water, mixing continuously at low speed until a homogeneous lump-free paste is obtained. Larger amounts can be prepared in a mortar mixer. Let the paste sit for a few minutes and then mix again briefly. The paste is then ready to apply. The mix is workable for at least 4 hours.

Applying the product

Apply the compound to a maximum of 3 mm thick with a flat metal trowel on the surface. Porous substrates, such as renders or concrete, must be dampened with water beforehand. The surface finishing can be carried out either with a flat metal trowel or with a sponge float several minutes after its application. During hot or windy weather, or in particularly hot areas, spray water on the surface of the smoothing compound when it starts to set and over the next few days when the mortar has completely hardened, to avoid quick drying and hygrometric shrinkage which may cause cracks to form. No particular precautions need to be taken at temperatures around +20°C. At high or low temperatures or with strong ventilation, the normal precautions for the use need to be taken. The product may only be used for decorating internal or external surfaces if they are partially covered and protected.