Product Description

V 5000 is white, non-flammable, ready-to-use, water dispersion adhesive for wall coverings.

Field of Application

· For wall covering such as vinyl paper, textiles, flocked, and non-woven with paper back;

· For textiles, vinyl textiles, non-woven with foam or film back, polyester-back textiles;

· For glass fiber textiles;

· For PVC foam and polyester-back PVC foam wall coverings ONTO

· For all absorbent substrates generally used in construction.

Product Details

Product identity

Consistency: pasty
Color: white
Bulk density (kg/m³): 1150
Viscosity: 150,000 (7 rotor - 5 rpm)
Dry solids content (%): 25
pH: 9


V 5000 is supplied in:
20 kg plastic bucket.
5 kg plastic bucket.


Approximately 0.1-0.25 kg/m2 depending on dilution and application techniques.

Application Procedure

Preparation of the substrate

The substrates must be cured and sufficiently dry, mechanically strong, free from loose particles, grease, oils, paint, wax, etc. During spring and summer, renders must be cured for at least one week for every centimeter of thickness, unless they have been made with DCI special binders for walls. Gypsum substrates must be perfectly dry (max. residual moisture 0.5%), sufficiently hard, and dust-free. They must be treated with Primer Seal. It is not recommended to apply adhesive on substrates until hydraulic shrinkage is complete and the substrate has residual humidity lower than 4%

Preparing the product

V 5000 must be diluted up to 200% with water before application..

Applying the product

Select an appropriate tool to use depending on the dilution:
· 1 mm v-notch trowel when diluted 50% with water
· Brush or roller when diluted 200% with water

Installing the wall cover

Once V 5000 is applied to the wall, the wall covering must be installed within 30minutes while the adhesive is still fresh. If the application is done to the back of the wall covering, let it to set for 15 minutes before positioning it on the wall. The surface must be smoothed immediately after installing, from the center on direction to the edges, to provide complete contact and the elimination of any air bubbles.