Product Description

Water Stop EB is a pre-formed rubber profile, with an acrylic polymer base specially designed to form watertight construction joints in construction up to a hydraulic pressure of 5 atm. Water Stop EB does not contain bentonite. Unlike other materials that tend to lose efficiency following repeated cycles of expansion and contraction, Water Stop EB maintains its properties unchanged even in the presence of aggressive water such as salt water (sea water), and water in sewage treatment plants and sewers.
Water Stop EB is stable at temperatures between –30°C and +50°C.

Field of Application

• Waterproof joints between concrete beds and elevation walls.

• Contact joints between different types of materials, e.g. PVC or steel tubing going through poured concrete in swimming pools, sewage-treatment tanks, reservoirs, and hydraulic projects in general.

• Waterproof construction joints where conventional water-stop cannot be installed easily and securely because of the high density of the reinforcing.

• Waterproof construction joints in tunnels, dams and hydraulic projects including reservoirs for drinking water

Product Details

Product identity

Color: black
Density (g/cm³): approx. 1.5
Solubility in water: insoluble
Elongation % according to ASTM 638 M89 (%): 70-100
Shore hardness according to DIN 53505: 25-30
Impermeability: up to 5 atm
Expansion in water (%):
– after 24 hours: approximately 45
– after 2 days: approximately 70
– after 3 days: approximately 82
– after 7 days: approximately 120


Water Stop EB is available in 3 sizes in cartons:
• Water Stop EB 10 (20x10 mm): six 10 m rolls.
• Water Stop EB 15 (20x15 mm): six 7 m rolls.
• Water Stop EB 25 (20x25 mm): six 5 m rolls.

Application Procedure

Substrate preparation

The surface of the concrete must be clean and solid when Water Stop EB is installed. Remove any cement laitance with a brush and sweep away any deposits that may have been left during pouring. Water Stop EB can even be applied on slightly damp surfaces.

Applying the product

Water Stop EB can be applied on concrete, metal, PVC, with a sealant, solvent-free single component adhesive based on MS polymers. After extrusion the mastic becomes a thixotropic paste easily applied vertically and horizontally. It reticulates with moisture to form a flexible product at temperatures from +10°C to +40°C. Make a hole in the cartridge above the threads and screw in the nozzle, cutting an opening with a diameter of 5 mm at a 45° angle. Insert the cartridge into a normal gun and extrude the adhesive onto the surface of an Water Stop EB section that has been cut to size beforehand, or directly onto the concrete. Then press the Water Stop EB onto the substrate, moving it slowly in all directions to make it adhere thoroughly at all points without exerting traction. Forming corners or seams does not require any special procedure. Simply align the pieces of Water Stop EB together and their subsequent expansion will ensure a perfect seal against water pressure. Very long pieces can be installed in vertical mechanically attaching the top end of the Water Stop EB with screws or nails, extruding a line of adhesive directly onto the substrate. Water Stop EB can also be solely attached mechanically with screws or nails placed in a row along the strip, spaced not more than 25 cm apart, to ensure thorough contact with the substrate. Concrete can be poured immediately after the Water Stop EB is installed if attached mechanically with screws and nails. If Water Stop EB has been attached with Water Stop EB Mastic, wait 24 hours before pouring the concrete. The waiting time can be shortened, if necessary, but a minimum of 4 hours must pass after installing the Water Stop EB Mastic. In this case it is recommended that nails or screws be placed every 1 meter to prevent the Water Stop EB from moving during the pour. The thickness of the protection pour of Water Stop EB should not be less than 8 cm.