A responsibility to the environment

We have long been aware that we have a responsibility to the environment and we must do all that we can as a business to protect it.

Our comprehensive approach to reducing our environmental impact means looking at all aspects of our business and continually assessing, monitoring and improving our environmental performance. Some of our environmental initiatives include:

  • Using 100% recycled tyres in our rubber crumb adhesives, which assists in dramatically reducing one of the world’s largest waste disposal problems
  • Assessing alternative local raw materials to help minimize shipping
  • Treating 100% of waste water in our facilities on site
  • Educating customers and the public as to the safe disposal of products and packaging

As part of to the World Packaging Covenant, we are also committed to using sustainable, recoverable and recyclable packaging and engaging supply chain partners with the same commitment for a better environment.

We at DC Industries, strive to achieve a clean and health environment by conducting operations and manufacturing products that do not harm the environment. This encompasses all products marketed by DC Industries. Our aim is to continue to improve corporate policies, programs and environmental performance, taking into account technical developments, scientific understanding, consumer and community expectations with legal regulations as a starting point.

To assist us achieve the highest standards in environmental performance we conduct our business in accordance with our environmental management system based on ISO 14001 and the DC Industries Environmental Policy.